My Boss used to treat his workers as slaaves, I achieved nothing from him – K1 De Ultimate, Drummer after working for 32 years spills (Video)

In an interview, a drummer known as Kunle Ayanlawo, who spent 32 years working with Fuji master K1 De Ultimate, talks about his experiences with the singer.

In the interview, Kunle Ayanlawo stressed that musicians working for K1 De Ultimate are treated as slaves.

Shedding more light, drummer Kunle Ayanlowo utters that while he working with K1 De Ultimate, all the workers would be given their passports and they will collect it back at the Murtala airport in Lagos.

He added that before he left K1 De Ultimate after working with him between 1990 – 2022, he had 3 passports and they collected them from him.

The drummer added that there was no how any worker would leave K1 De Ultimate work without returning again except the person is dead.

Narrating one of his ordeals, the drummer noted that there was a time he was sick battling a vigorous cancer and the driver took him to the hospital to see a doctor.

He claimed that while they were on their way, K1 De Ultimate met them on their way and and he told the driver to turn back to the house.

He claimed that till date he is still nursing the cancer while adding that if anything happens to him , K1 De Ultimate should be held responsible.

Watch the video below;

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